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Who is Bond Forger in ‘Spy x Family?’

These borfs are in a league of their own.

Bond Forger being a very good boy in Spy x Family

Bond Forger is the goodest lil’ borfer who ever borfed.

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Seriously, just take a listen to these borfs. They’re in a league of their own. The should make a spin-off series dedicated solely to this fella’s superior borfing abilities: “Borfed By An Angel,” “Friday Night Borfs,” “Borf Space 9,” “Borfer Things.” I could go on. I won’t, but I could.

To answer your question in non-internet speak, Bond Forger is the family dog in Spy x Family. But little Bond Forger isn’t just any old kind of dog. No, he’s a special dog. He has the power of precognition. He knows if another borfer is going to borf before they do. He can also do other less useful things like rescue gross, sticky children from falling debris and other kinds of un-borf related things that I don’t care about.

But how did he get these preborfnitive powers, you ask?

Well, Bond Forger was originally raised in a secret Ostanian government lab that for a research initiative called “The Apple Project.” Don’t let the cute name fool you, the project was created to produce super-intelligent animals to use for all sorts of nefarious government purposes. When the Ostanian regime was overthrown, the project was scrapped, and poor Bondie was sold to the black market. He was bought by a terrorist group that retrained him as a bomb dog before being rescued by little Anya of the Forger family.

Bond Forger was abused in captivity by some cruel, heartless bastards who deserve to rot in the furthest pits of hell. Then they should be torn apart by the Three Headed Borfer of the Underworld, Cerberus. He was electrocuted, injected with chemicals, given horrible food, and was not allowed to borf at all.

What breed of dog is Bond in Spy x Family?

What’s that? You’ve been moved to tears and wish to adopt a borfer like Bond? Same. What kind of borfer is he? It’s never stated directly, but he’s probably some kind of Samoyed! Maybe that mixed with Ukranian Shepard dog, and then mixed again with a literal angel from heaven.

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