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We Just Can’t Wait for More ‘Suicide Squad Isekai’

It’s the era of anime taking on Hollywood! Stand back, mediocre Hollywood adaptations of anime—surprisingly good anime adaptations of Hollywood are coming through!

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But before we get to Terminator, Lords of the Rings, or Rick and Morty (all of which are coming out this year, by the way), we arguably have the headliner: WIT Studio’s Suicide Squad Isekai. The series has been highly anticipated ever since it was announced because Harley Quinn and The Joker are already basically anime characters. It’s a natural fit.

The first three episodes all dropped on Max on June 27, 2024. The English dub release will come slightly behind the sub, but by and large, Suicide Squad Isekai is finally here!

But not all episode drops can be three-episode spectaculars, right? What does the release schedule look like from now on?

More mayhem to come

Suicide Squad Isekai dropped just months after the word “isekai” was added to the Oxford Dictionary. And Suicide Squad Isekai certainly follows all of the trappings of sending your protagonists into an alternate, fantasy realm distinct from their original home. I do believe that “discovering you’ve been sent to another realm via helicopter crash” is a new one, though.

WIT Studio, for their part, knocked it out of the park. That’s not surprising for the same studio responsible for half of Spy x Family and another one of this season’s highly anticipated (and very different) series, My Deer Friend Nokotan.

Warner Bros., for its part, seems to be really going in on the “hey, the kids like anime” mindset (Batman Ninja is an actual upcoming release). So a lot could ride on this series’ success. The first three episodes of Suicide Squad Isekai were fun and engaging overall—a good sign.

But studios aside, everything considered, you probably want more Harley and company. And more is on its way! From now on, new episodes of Suicide Squad Isekai will drop on Wednesday mornings. And I mean hardcore mornings: the series airs at 6:30 PM in Japan, which means it drops on Max at 5:30 AM Eastern/2:30 AM Pacific.

That means that if you live on the West Coast and are a night owl, you can technically incorporate it into your Tuesday night routine. Or you can wake up and start your day with Harley Quinn at 6 AM. Your pick!

Either way, episode four drops on Wednesday, July 3, 2024. Suicide Squad Isekai‘s season will only be 10 episodes long, which is two shorter than the average anime season.

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