Gawain Nanaumi swinging his club from Rising Impact golf anime

‘Rising Impact’ Is Swinging Off to a Second Season

We’ve had a good fill of sports anime throughout the years, and if you’re a Y2K kid, chances are good that the Rising Impact manga was your introduction to the genre.

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Nakaba Suzuki is best known for his hit manga, Seven Deadly Sins. But he also authored this spirited manga about golf, which was adapted into a Netflix anime in June of 2024.

Whether you’ve hit a hole in one or never picked up a golf club, doesn’t matter. You might not see a shining road when you hit golf balls with family during the summer, but you probably learned the basics of golf while watching this anime.

Gawain’s journey to become the best golfer is endearing, and you can’t help but root for him. After a successful first season, Netflix revealed that Rising Impact is coming back for a second season.

The second season of Rising Impact will start on August 6, 2024. 

What’s next for Gawain?

Aside from Gawain’s exceptional talent, not much is known about him yet. We may discover more about his parents and the source of his prodigious golfing skills in the next season. New characters will be entering the second season as Gawain’s friends and foes, but several faces are coming back for sure.

CharacterJapanese Voice ACtorEnglish Voice Actor
Gawain NanaumiMisaki KunoDebi Derryberry
Kai TodoinKatsuyuki KonishiKyle McCarley
Kiria NishinoYō TaichiAbby Trott
Kurumi NishinoAtsumi TanezakiColleen O’Shaughnessey
Lancelot NormanYumiri HanamoriKieran Regan
Liebel RingvaldYuto UemuraChris Hackney
Platalissa BonaireYumi UchiyamaErin Yvette
Riser HopkinsShunsuke TakeuchiNicolas Roye
Yumiko Koizumi Kaede HondoJulie Nathanson
Wanglian LiEiji TakemotoMichael Yurchak

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