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‘Shadow and Bone’ Reveals Its Wraith

One of the more common questions surrounding this season of Shadow and Bone is “What is the Wraith?” But what you actually mean to ask is “WHO is the wraith?” Because the Wraith is a person. A person who could kill you in complete silence very easily. Her name is Inej.

Who is the Wraith in Shadow and Bone?

Inej grew up in the nation of Ravka and traveled around the country in Suli caravans. She was trained from a young age to be an acrobat and performer. One day, Inej was kidnapped by slavers and taken to the city of Ketterdam, where she was forced into sex work at a brothel called The Menagerie. After escaping from The Menagerie, the young woman begins to work as a spy for the Dregs.

Who are the Dregs? A gang of thieves based in the city of Ketterdam. And what qualifies Inej to work for such a group? Being a former acrobat, she is strong, nimble, and precise. She also happens to be really good at throwing knives. Classic circus performer stuff, right? Now she haunts the city stealing secrets and collecting blackmail material against some of Ketterdam’s most elite citizens. She was named “the Wraith” by one of her companions because of her uncanny ability to slip in and out of anywhere without being detected. In her line of work, such a skill comes in handy.

While she is willing to collect dirt on anyone the Dregs see fit to socially—or physically—destroy, Inej has a personal goal to eliminate slavers from the face of the earth, one throwing knife at a time.

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