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The Names Chosen by The Weather Channel for This Year’s Winter Storms Are Decidedly Nerdy

Winter Is Coming

The Weather Channel must have a few geeks on-staff. For the 2012-13 winter season, they’ve decided to name severe winter storms, both to increase awareness of the storms and to make it easier to follow their progress.

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As you can see, the list includes geektastic names like Q, Orko, and Nemo, with plenty for the mythology/classicist nerds as well. (Transforming into a winter storm is totally something Zeus would do. To get someone pregnant.)

I can’t decide which name I like best: Gandolf (not Gandalf, so put down your lawsuit, Tolkien estate) or Khan. If we get a Khan this year, I fully expect all of you to go outside and yell “KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!” to the snow-filled heavens. You have no excuse for not doing so.

According to’s Tom Niziol, another reason for naming winter storms is that “A storm with a name takes on a personality all its own, which adds to awareness.” A personality of its own, huh? So Athena would be measured and steady but prone to sudden upticks in violence. Iago woud creep up on you, being all innocuous and sneaky until suddenly suddenly everyone you know is dead. Yogi would just be… kind of weird and offputting. And Caesar would be chugging along merrily until forced to dissipate by an oncoming Brutus.

What names would you add to the list? I think a Winter Storm Loki would be fitting. Frost Giant and all.

(via: NBC News)

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