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Good News, Everyone: Watsky Wrote a Spec Script for Futurama That You Can Read Right Now

Too bad it will never get produced! Oh... I made myself sad.



Putting together spec scripts for already-existing television shows is a great way for young and budding television writers to practice their skills — kind of like fanfic that you can use to get a real job. Too bad rapper and slam poetry sensation George Watsky doesn’t have a whole lot of time to get his Futurama spec script in the hands of producers, what with the show set to end at the beginning of September. In order to not deprive the world of his self-proclaimed magnum opus, he put the whole thing up on his website for us all to read instead. What a great headache with pictures he had!

In case you’re not familiar with Watsky, here he is rapping against Dr. Seuss as William Shakespeare:

The plot centers around Fry discovering that he is the only natural-born redhead in the entire world, as the recessive trait has become basically extinct in the year 3000. He then gets discovered by a group of Irishmen who tout him around Dublin — Now called Triplin, due to it having “one and a half times the drinkin’ and thievin’” — as their new orange-haired messiah.

One of the best moments of the script involves a flashback to Fry’s childhood where two locker room bullies make fun of him for his red hair:

Yeah, that freak’s got enough to
worry about. We’ll just have to
shun him.

You get the worst punishment of
all, Red! You have to shower alone!

In complete privacy!

Young Fry’s upper lip quivers.

While it’s rough in some spots, there are some pretty solid jokes in there, and our friend Bill Nye even makes a cameo. I’d hire him for my critically-acclaimed-yet-constantly-cancelled series, that’s for sure. Speaking of which — does anybody have Mitch Hurwitz’s email address? I need it for a rapper friend.

(George Watsky via Facebook, image via Gage Skidmore)

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