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Why Writers Don’t Read Fanfiction of Their Own Work (It’s Not Because They Think It’s Stupid)

That doesn't mean it's not stupid, though.

Despite its popularity, fanfiction still gets a bad rap in some writing circles. A lot of writers especially hate it when you send them fanfiction based on their work, but usually it has nothing to do with what they think of the medium as a whole. It's because you're sending them a ticking time bomb of copyright problems without realizing it.

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Good News, Everyone: Watsky Wrote a Spec Script for Futurama That You Can Read Right Now

Too bad it will never get produced! Oh... I made myself sad.

Putting together spec scripts for already-existing television shows is a great way for young and budding television writers to practice their skills -- kind of like fanfic that you can use to get a real job. Too bad rapper and slam poetry sensation George Watsky doesn't have a whole lot of time to get his Futurama spec script in the hands of producers, what with the show set to end at the beginning of September. In order to not deprive the world of his self-proclaimed magnum opus, he put the whole thing up on his website for us all to read instead. What a great headache with pictures he had!

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The Number of Women Selling Speculative Screenplays in Hollywood Reaches New Low

Oh Hollywood

The number of women successfully selling spec scripts for movies, as opposed to writing in television and print, has gone down considerably over the course of the past 20 years.  Suzana Orozco sorted through the best available data, the Definitive Spec Script Sales List, to arrive at the conclusion that the number of women successfully selling specs, or speculative screenplays written without guarantee of compensation, has decline from 1991 to the present.  While there has been an overall decline in spec sales since the peak in 1995, regardless of author, the number of women selling specs has had a more noticeable decline, in terms of percentage of scripts sold written by women.

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