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Here’s How to Watch Today’s Super Bowl Commercials Without Watching the Dumb Super Bowl

Football is the worst kind of ball.


YouTube Ad Blitz

You may have noticed a common thread in today’s Geekosystem posts. That thread, of course, is that football is boring. That’s because it is. Commercials that air during the Super Bowl tend to be pretty good, and for years we’ve had to suffer through football to see them. No more. Here’s how to watch just the commercials.

Our Google overlords have heard your cries, football-hating commercial-lover. That’s why they’ve introduced YouTube Ad Blitz. A page where users can watch and vote on tonight’s Super Bowl commercials without having to watch dudes smash into each other.

Right now the page has teasers for the commercials, but the commercials themselves will be made available presumably after they air.

(via YouTube Ad Blitz, image via screenshot)

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