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NASA Hosting Curiosity Rover Teleconference at 3pm ET, Watch It Live Here

This afternoon NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory will be hosting a live teleconference to update everyone on how the Mars Curiosity rover is doing. It seems like things are going well. Earlier today the team behind the rover confirmed that Curiosity collected the first ever sample from the interior of a Martian rock. The teleconference will start at 3pm ET, and we have the live feed right here for your convenience.

NASA and the JPL are currently using Curiosity and its onboard laboratory to investigate whether Mars ever had the conditions needed to support microbial life, and until now have only been able to examine samples from the surface. Curiosity’s first successful drilling attempt earlier this month could lead to a host of new information, and we’re hoping some of that will be revealed today at the conference.

Tune in at 3pm ET right here to watch it live. In the meantime, feel free to discuss what you’d like to hear NASA and the JPL team cover during the conference in the comments section below.

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