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Thank You, The Walking Dead: AMC’s Zombie Series Overtakes Twilight at SDCC

Good News Everyone!

After The Twilight Saga‘s recent appearances at San Diego Comic Con drew the ire of everyone attending who wasn’t a fawning tween fangirl, it looks like a more worthy franchise has overtaken the sparklevamps for the most popular attraction. Thanks to the MySched app, a ranking of the most popular panels at SDCC has been compiled, and this year’s most anticipated appearance is AMC‘s The Walking Dead. Twilight placed 35th. And guess what, everyone? Our long, national tweetotaling vampire nightmare is almost over while The Walking Dead lives to die another day. I apologize dearly for that last sentence.

Many have been saying that movies are abandoning SDCC — or vice versa — while television has taken over. Right after The Walking Dead, the next two most popular panels are expected to be for The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones. All three of these panels will feature appearances by actors, writers, and producers. However, the fourth most anticipated panel is Sony‘s, so movies are not completely gone from SDCC after all. And while Marvel will not be having movie presentations, there will still be a preview for The Amazing Spider-Man.

However, despite its still being called “Comic Con,” only one comic-related panel placed in the top 50 most anticipated panels. Because it’s a Dark Horse panel featuring Joss Whedon, who is, as we know, known for his work in movies and TV.

But can we say that the popularity of The Walking Dead — which is a good series based on a good graphic novel — is a welcome return to geekery after the Twihards took over in recent years? Is it okay to say that? You know, horror-inspired characters that actually behave like their inspirations and are not altered to pander to squeeing girls? We can laugh and point now, right?

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