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Viral Thread Asks What Storyline You Would Get Rid of in Your Favorite Shows

Daenerys Targaryen about to burn King's Landing in 'Game of Thrones'

It seems like ever since the weirdo billionaire bought Twitter, viral threads have been few and far between—maybe because he’s diverted resources into forcing you to see his tweets, instead of making the algorithm work better?

Whatever the reason, it’s with great pleasure I present to you one of the few that have made it through the noise, that poses possibly the most important, non-important, question you’ll be asked today: What storyline would you get rid of in your favorite show?

Obviously, the answers are subjective…

OK, yeah, I spoke too soon. We all agree season 8 of Game of Thrones is an abomination, yes?

I could spend all day sharing these because, man, did that show really suffer when they lost the source material. One more, just for posterity, because it was so stupid they let Bran win the Game of Thrones because it sure seems like they looked around and realized he was the only one left, didn’t it?

Let’s move on to another classic, Scandal.

This person is absolutely right because this is when I had to give up the show. Quinn and Huck as a couple was just ick. This was right about the same time Olivia and Fitz were doing their on-again off-again thing yet again, and I just couldn’t anymore. The show’s first two seasons were trash perfection, but after that, it got too repetitive.

Ok, this is just for me because I love Twilight with every fiber of my being, but yes, this was not great! What Stephanie Meyers was thinking, we’ll never know, because unlike a certain billionaire bigot who can’t keep her mouth shut and has to share every hateful thought that comes out of her mouth, Meyers made her money, and is keeping her mouth shut on the matter.

Also, it’s a *sAGa* not a show, but it was included in the thread, so it gets included here. #TeamEdward4Eva

On to Buffy, this is the top quote retweet, and anyone who watched this show knows why. This was the biggest misstep by far in the show, and now we know what we know about Joss Whedon, it certainly puts a new spin on things, doesn’t it? To include a scene where Buffy is sexually assaulted in a show about female empowerment never sat right with the viewers, and we’ll all go to our graves beating this drum.

OK, Riley was the WORST. It’s not that he was that bad, it’s just that he was boring and bland and brought nothing to the table. I was so happy he was a one-and-done season boyfriend. (I also have a trash opinion and am #TeamAngel even though now I am pushing 40 and am seriously grossed out by the age difference.)

The less said about Tara’s death, the better, because that was f-ed up. Warren got what he deserved, there.

For Orange is the New Black, I know where my feelings lie, mainly that it was wrong to kill Poussey, and many others agree. The show took a turn and never recovered from the character’s death.

OK, Supernatural, we could be here for days on this thread alone because the fans have some feelings, and talk in riddles to people outside the fandom bubble. With that said, here are the most accessible answers (that I also happen to agree with):

The finale was terrible. Just atrocious. One vampire takes out Dean? No Castiel, who professed his undying love to Dean and is then never seen or heard from again? Come on!

One more, because this always bothered me about the show, too:

They killed so many strong women in that show. Basically, take your pick because they all died (except for Rowena.) The ultimate deity, in the end, turned out to be a basic, white, blonde guy who wasn’t even Dean. Booooooo. That show had issues around gender norms.

OK, finally, Stranger Things. A show I admit I bailed on after the first season because they killed my girl Barb and it was a little too in love with itself, so you know, take my opinion with a grain of salt here. I’m basing these tweets off of how many likes they’re getting or Barb love.

I disagree with this next one on principle since I outed myself as a Twihard, and the actor who plays Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) was a bad guy in the Twilight Saga, btw.

The running theme is everyone hates the Russian sub-plot. There are multiple tweets about it. Seems like a huge misstep.

I had to scroll really far down to find this, but we’ll end on this note because they’re one hundred percent right. Justice for Barb.

You can find the whole thread here. There are a bunch of shows listed that I didn’t embed that you can see everyone’s opinions on. It’s well worth your time, and fun to revisit all these awful storylines you wiped from your memory.

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