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Village People “Deeply Dismayed” by YMCA Name Change

Earlier this week, the YMCA announced that it was shortening its name to “the Y” in an effort to “simplify how [they] tell the story of what [they] do” and catch “up to [their] audience.” Naturally, everyone’s first thought was: How are The Village People going to feel about this?

Not too keen, apparently. The Village People have released the following statement expressing their displeasure:

“We are deeply dismayed by today’s announcement from the YMCA that they feel a name change and a rebranding are in order after 166 years,” the Village People said in a statement. “Some things remain iconic and while we admire the organization for the work they do, we still can’t help but wonder Y.”

If you too are feeling down, young man, please feel free to pick yourself up off the ground: When they continue to perform the song live (yes, they still tour year-round), the Village People will be sticking to the original lyrics. Eat that, newfangled social branding efforts!

(CNN via The Daily What)

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