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Your Wall Will Appreciate This Vertical Chess Set More Than It Would a Painting

Purveyor of neat things you want that are too expensive, Hammacher Schlemmer, has a chess set for sale that acts more like an interactive painting rather than a board that one opens and sets down on a table. The vertical chess set hangs on a wall, and each row has its own little shelf on which the pieces can stay upright. The board is intended for a long game — walk down the hallway once or twice a day and make your move — and comes with a “last move” marker, so your opponent knows that it is his or her turn, and that you aren’t pulling a fast one.

The set measures in at 34″ H x 22″ W, is made from cherry veneer, and the stained black and white spaces measure in at 3 1/4″ H x 2″ W. The shelves are transparent and acrylic, so from a certain distance and angle, it probably looks like the classic Staunton pieces are floating. The black pieces are made from rosewood, while the white pieces are made from boxwood, and finished with a high-gloss coat.

Unfortunately, the price of this awesome chess set is currently sitting at $299.95. Associate Editor Max Eddy suggested, “You can just build that instead of buy it,” but we’re not all wizards of the workshop.

(via The Daily What: Geeks)

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