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Brandon Boyer’s Venus Patrol Finally Launches

Prior to the Double Fine bonanza over on Kickstarter, one of the most funded games projects was actually Brandon Boyer’s Venus Patrol. In his own words, Boyer’s Venus Patrol is “a new videogame website in search of beautiful things[.]” Though the Kickstarter was launched almost a year ago to the day, the site has remained under wraps — until now. As of today, Venus Patrol is live.

Boyer’s no novice to the field, either. The man’s chairman of the Independent Games Festival, after all, and was the former editor of Offworld. Venus Patrol is a new chapter for Boyer, however, and promises to be an intriguing one. Not only will it be covering those beautiful things, the site will apparently have a much closer relationship with indie developers than most.

Purchasing a subscription, which runs $3/month, gets a few digital goodies from the original Kickstarter drive while grabbing a $25 full-year membership even grants access to the video games made available to the previous backers, Capsule and Gun Godz.

(via Venus Patrol)

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