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Vacuum-Packed Couples: Preserving Love In Plastic and Photographs

Because nothing says “love” better than curling naked in your lover’s arms in a little plastic bag as an old vacuum cleaner sucks the air from around you, the plastic closing in on you, compressing the life (and love, don’t forget love) out of the body that used to be you. If you come out alive, you get to see photos. Photos of your love at its very height. Right before you were going to die.

Photographer Hal‘s Flesh Love seeks to capture love at its most intense by taking photos of couples shrink-wrapped into each other. He approaches couples in underground bars and “places which are full of activity like luscious night time bee-hives” and asks them if they want to take part in the project.

Seems legit.

Here’s how he does it:

He photographed about 80 couples now, and though there were some accidents, no one died. Apparently, four or five guys started struggling for air, but more importantly, one guy peed in-bag. After all he’s been through, I hope the poor guy didn’t get dumped.

Flesh Love is available for your perusal as a book and an iPad app.

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(via Oddity Central)

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