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Take a Break from Zombie-Killing at Capcom’s Upcoming Resident Evil Cafe

Well, folks, not only is Capcom letting you run and fire a gun at the same time, they announced today that they will be letting you eat at a real-life Resident Evil themed cafe and grill called the Biohazard Cafe & Grill S.T.A.R.S. That is, of course, if you live in Shibuya, Japan.

Resident Evil 6‘s October 2nd release date is shambling closer and closer, and the fine folks at Capcom are doing all they can to pump their fans up. What better way to get gamers excited for RE6 than a cafe and grill called Biohazard? To be fair, the name of the game in Japan is, in fact, Biohazard 6 and the cafe simply bears that name. The cafe’s menu has yet to be released so we have no idea of what angle the restaurant will take in regards to dishes. Will the patrons be zombies, feasting on the flesh of the citizens of Raccoon City? Or will they be the citizens of Raccoon City, feasting on the flesh of zombies? Wait. That came out wrong…

The cafe is opening on July 13, 2012 at Shibuya Parco Part 1 in Shibuya, Japan. It will only be open for about a month, so you better make like Left 4 Dead and not Dead Rising to get over there!

(via gamesradar)

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