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Map of the Dead Can Help You Plan for the Zombie Apocalypse


Whether you’re hunkering down or making a mad dash to the country when the zombie apocalypse inevitably hits, you’re going to need supplies. Even if you already have a zombie-perparedness stash, as you should, resources are finite and you’re going to have to get more. So where do you go? That’s where the Map of the Dead comes in.

If you don’t already know where the closest grocery store, doctors office, gun shop, home improvement warehouse, or liquor store is — again, you already should — the Map of the Dead can give you a quick primer to help you plan your salvage run or escape route.

Drawing information from Google Maps, the Map of the Dead indexes all manner of important landmarks including where you might be able to find valuable to supplies to where you might be able to find fortifications, military presence, or even the residences of individuals who might have handy skills. On top of that, it also handily plots out danger zones that appear to be based on the population density of a given area, helping you decide ahead of time whether or not it’s wise to run and where it might be wise to run to.

As I’ve said already, this should only serve to confirm your already detailed plans, but in case you aren’t ready, this is a good excuse to start. What better way to throw away an afternoon than daydreaming up a detailed route through a zombie-infested version of your hometown, slaughtering ghouls and hitting all the best looting spots. Way better than thinking about winning the lottery or something astronomically unlikely like that.

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