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The Universe Would Destroy You Without a Thought, and Here Are 10 Ways It Could Do That [Video]

In case you forgot that you're living on the surface of a flying rock.

We’re taking a little time out of our busy schedule of telling you all about robot apocalypses and zombie apocalypses to scare you with some more realistic ones. I hope you didn’t want to feel secure at all today, because here are just ten of the multitude of ways that all known life could be wiped out to unsettle you.

Oh, wait, robots are totally in there, because they’re coming for you in your sleep, you inefficient meatbag.

(via Laughing Squid, image via Alltime10s)

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Dan is a video game modding hobbyist and secret ninja who lives in North Carolina with his wife, Lisa Brown, and his dog, Liz Lemon, both of whom are the best.

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