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This Trailer For A Movie About Zombie Beavers Is Surprisingly Good

"Suck a bag of d****, it's a zombie beaver!"


Arguably the most insane movie of 2014 is premiering soon at the Berlin International Film Festival. It’s called Zombeavers, it’s about exactly what it sounds like. And no, it’s not just another Sharknado: it’s the kind of movie Asylum might make if they had self-awareness and better writers.

Here’s what creator Jordan Rubin has to say about what you just witnessed above:

Zombeavers is an action-packed horror/comedy in which a group of college kids staying at a riverside cabin are menaced by a swarm of deadly zombie beavers. A weekend of sex and debauchery soon turns gruesome as the beavers close in on the kids. Riding the line between scary, sexy and funny, the kids are soon fighting for their lives in a desperate attempt to fend off the hoard of beavers that attack them in and around their cabin.

Judging from the trailer, it seems that Rubin’s magnum opus will have everything you’d expect, i.e. lots of reminders that vaginas are sometimes called beavers. (Babe to grizzled old man: “We’re looking for beavers.” Grizzled old man to babe: “Aren’t we all?”)

Luckily, it seems like Zombeavers has a lot more to offer than just vagina jokes. It’s also got halfway-decent special effects, an understanding of satire, and Bill Burr. Plus it’s from the same producers who brought us American Pie and The Ring, so hopefully their newest project will have as much longevity with the horror/high school set as their previous films.

For those of us who can’t make it to Berlin, hopefully Zombeavers will be available here soon. I want a chance to see a Beaver up close, “without having to go down on someone, God.”

(io9 images via Zombeavers)


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