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Uncharted Will Soon Have a Novel and Comic Book Series

Need some sweet, sweet Nolan North as Nathan Drake before Uncharted 3’s launch on November 1? Aside from playing the first two Uncharted games again, the next best thing will be an official Uncharted novel, dubbed The Fourth Labyrinth, penned by Christopher Golden, who, judging from his website, has the uncanny ability to inhabit all benches at all times. Then, if both the novel and Uncharted 3 didn’t satisfy that Nathan Drake drug, November 30 sees the release of a six-issue comic book published by DC Comics, written bu Joshua Williamson, who isn’t as bench-oriented, with pencils by Sergio Sandovai.

The comic series will take place before both Uncharted 2 and 3, and

…will find Nathan Drake discovering that the legendary Amber Room was hidden by another great explorer, Sir Richard Byrd, where legend has it that many, many years ago, Byrd hid the Amber Room in the fabled Agartha (a legendary city that is said to reside in the earth’s core, often referred to as “The Hollow Earth”).

Looks like another legendary city for Nathan. So, while we won’t get Nolan North until November 1, we’ll at least get some official Uncharted fiction.

Here’s some art to go along with the comic announcement:

As for the novel, taken from the back cover:

In the ancient world there was a myth about a king, a treasure, and a hellish labyrinth. Now the doors to that hell are open once again.

Nathan Drake, treasure hunter and risk taker, has been called to New York City by the man who taught him everything about the “antiquities acquisition business.” Victor Sullivan needs Drake’s help. Sully’s old friend, a world-famous archaeologist, has just been found murdered in Manhattan. Dodging assassins, Drake, Sully, and the dead man’s daughter, Jada Hzujak, race from New York to underground excavations in Egypt and Greece. Their goal: to unravel an ancient myth of alchemy, look for three long-lost labyrinths, and find the astonishing discovery that got Jada’s father killed. It appears that a fourth labyrinth was built in another land and another culture—and within it lies a key to unmatched wealth and power. An army of terrifying lost warriors guards this underground maze. So does a monster. And what lies beyond—if Drake can live long enough to reach it—is both a treasure and a poison, a paradise and a hell.

Though we’re huge fans of Nathan Drake’s extremely-charming-but-technically-mass-murdering nature, one can’t help but wonder if the printed Uncharted will be received with the same fanfare as the visual and audible forms, as the games’ emotive animations and stellar voice work is what really makes Uncharted shine.

(via PlayStation Blog)

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