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Ubisoft Looking to Hire Fan to Help Write Assassin’s Creed Encyclopedia


Ubisoft is looking to make an official encyclopedia for everyone’s second favorite Ubisoft parkour franchise, Assassin’s Creed, that, for some reason, isn’t a wiki. A posting on UbiWorkshop states that they are making an official job offer and “not some petty human crowdsourcing trick.” Beginner’s need not fear and can apply to the job as well, as Ubisoft says they “wouldn’t want to miss out on someone passionate and talented just because he or she doesn’t have a five-year experience,” further endearing them to fans across the world.

To apply, head on over to the UbiWorkshop posting, check out the job recommendations and duties, take the writing test they provide, and send your information to the email provided in the post. You probably shouldn’t mention if you have real-world assassination experience.

(UbiWorkshop via Eurogamer)

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