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The Twilight Zone Movie Gets a Director; Hopefully He’s Amenable to Pig People

Oh Hollywood

Last we heard of the Twilight Zone movie, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s production company Appian Way had been trying to make it happen for approximately forever-and-a-half. There was even a vague, questionably accurate plot summary involving time travel. And now there’s even more progress, as producers DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran have reportedly chosen whom they want to direct.

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So who’s likely going to be helming the triumphant comeback of this legendary, much-beloved sci-fi franchise?

The guy who directed TRON: Legacy.


According to The Hollywood Reporter Joseph Kosinski is in talks to direct the film, which is currently being “redeveloped.” So we might kiss that time travel plotline goodbye, assuming it was even a legit thing in the first place.

In addition to TRON: Legacy, Kosinski directed this summer’s Oblivion and is slated to helm another TRON movie. Cards on the table: I actually haven’t seen either TRON: Legacy or Oblivion, so my knowledge of Kosinski pretty much extends to the fact that I really haven’t heard anything good about TRON: Legacy or Oblivion. So hey, the Twilight Zone movie could still be good. Fingers crossed.


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