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‘Supermassive Black Hole’ Plays in the Distance as a ‘Twilight’ TV Series Is Announced

Bella and Edward in Twilight standing together

Remember back in the good ole days when a book series would get a movie franchise and then we’d just have those movies forever and the series would be left alone from there? No? That’s because it keeps just … not happening! With the recent news that, for some reason (money), MAX is doing a television series based on the Harry Potter novels, it was only a matter of time before the Twilight series had something to say about it.

According The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive on the Twilight TV series, the series will potentially have Twilight author Stephanie Meyer attached to it, and it will be written by Sinead Daly, and that’s about all that is set. Daly, who has worked on shows like Tell Me Lies, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Raised by Wolves, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and The Get Down, is working with Liongsate TV to figure out how the show will bring the Twilight franchise to life.

Whether or not it will be a straight adaptation of the novels or a separate side-story is up in the air. There’s no cast yet, and there’s not even a network for the show, let alone a release window—just news that it is happening, which does remind me of when Harry Potter and Twilight were coming out at the same time. Can’t have one without the other, I guess?

Now, the series as a whole is something that doesn’t have the best messaging and, throughout the years, has seen its fair share of criticism. Others (like myself) took the series for what it is and laughed at the fake death of Carlisle Cullen and how much Robert Pattinson seemed to hate being Edward, not to mention how … well, everyone pretends like they weren’t in Twilight, including Kristen Stewart.

What will the Twilight TV series plot be, though?

So how will this series work when the movies were … pretty much what the books were? That’s going to the fun part about this show, even if we don’t know anything about it yet. I just hope the soundtracks are still filled with bops because that was the best part of the original movie series.

This could be a continuation of the story, or this could be a reboot of the franchise just like that cursed Harry Potter show is doing. And it is, honestly, frustrating that instead of original ideas happening we’re just … remaking things that already exist. And so, as pointless as I find this to be, I do hope that Daly and Lionsgate come to the conclusion that they should tell a different story within the same universe.

Until there’s any kind of casting announcement or news about where the series will take us, at least we know that it is happening whether we wanted it or not. If this gets another song from Paramore, though? That’d be something I’m interested in.

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