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Why Did I Hate Twilight So Much?

Confessions of a Twilight hater.

Today video essayist Lindsay Ellis returned to the internet with a video about looking back at the toxic levels of sexist and misogynistic attitudes surrounding Twilight and it's author Stephenie Meyer. It was a very insightful piece especially as someone who proudly slung that toxic level of vitriol.

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Fifty Shades of Grey vs. Bound: When a Mockbuster Beats Its Original

Though relevant to the discussion, we're not here to discuss the pop culture effects of Twilight, nor are we really here to discuss the effects of Fifty Shades. No, we're here to discuss a film I discovered that puts the extremely regressive subtext (and, on occasion, text) of Fifty Shades in context—a weird little film called Bound.

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Stephanie Meyer’s Genderswapped Version of Twilight: Life and Death

On Twilight's 10th anniversary (wow, has it been that long), Stephanie Meyer revealed that her fans can take a bite out of something brand new: a re-imagining of the original Twilight book.

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Twilight‘s Catherine Hardwicke On Discovering Hollywood’s Gender Bias

"Why do we have such a narrow gaze, a white male gaze, particularly in Hollywood?"

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke spoke to The Guardian about her new film Miss You Already, and had some great things to say about women in Hollywood.

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Watch Chloe Moretz in The 5th Wave Trailer, the Latest Dystopian YA Novel Adaptation

This trailer for the Chloe Moretz-fronted dystopian film The 5th Wave features our heroine surviving a gritty world after an alien invasion: getting separated from her family, finding an assault rifle and some rations, trying to find and save her little brother, and meeting a couple of cute boys along the way (and kissing at least one of them).

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Twilight‘s Catherine Hardwicke to Direct Big-Budget Romance Epic Set in China

I wanted to be happy for Hardwicke when it was announced she'd direct a $50 million budget female-led romance epic. After all, that's huge deal in an industry that so strongly favors men. Lots of the Twilight cast have gone on to do pretty cool stuff, maybe it'll be the same for Hardwicke. However, after reading about the premise of the film I have to say my feelings are pretty mixed.

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Lionsgate Wants To Do More Movies Based On The Hunger Games

Fantastic Muttations And Where To Find Them

Ahhh, Lionsgate. You are just desperate for a franchise on the level of what Warner Brothers has with Harry Potter, aren't you? First you get the rights to a young adult series, then you start talking two-part finales and theme parks and exhibitions, and now you want more? Peeta is not impressed.

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Things We Saw Today: A Slick New Wonder Woman Art of War Statue

Remember those DC Nation Wonder Woman shorts from 2013 by Robert Valley? Well DC Collectibles has made that super-cool lady their next installment to the "Art of War" line. Sadly no roller-skating Giganta. Yet.

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Sesame Street‘s Twilight Parody is An Oddly Appropriate Way To Learn About Self-Control

Bella your blood smells like COOOOOOOOOOKIES

I mean, when you take out all the thinly veiled domestic abuse narratives and concerns about immortality and soullessness, deep down the series is really about a guy who can't handle not eating something (or someone) he really wants to eat, right? Also, props to the lady muppet who stars alongside Cookie Monster; she's got Bella's flat affect down to a science.

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The Twilight Series Is Coming Back… And the Reason Why Is Actually Pretty Cool

I know. I'm shocked, too.

When I read that the Twilight movie franchise was being resurrected with a series of five short films, my reaction was akin to a cat trying to get a hairball out of its throat. But then I read the thing that all the shorts will have in common and... readers, I didn't think I'd ever say this, but... Twilight. I am proud of you.

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The “Potent” New Influence Of Women’s Wallets On Hollywood

Paranormal Activity? Apparently that's on us, ladies.

When I'm being optimistic, it feels like there was a slight shift this summer in the way Hollywood perceived women. True, Marvel still fiddle-faddled over a female-led movie, but there was cause for celebration, too: Scarlett Johansson proved her massive box-office draw, the Expendabelles movie progressed with casting news, and Columbia Pictures wants to make a female Ghostbusters reboot. So what caused this small increase in representation?

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Are Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Twilight Fans Death Obsessed?

At the very least they're obsessed with sequels.

One common theme between the Hunger GamesHarry Potter, and Twilight series is death, but does that mean that fans of those series are "death obsessed"? According to Live Science some psychologists think so.

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A Brief History of Fandom, Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Fan

(The) Doctor (and a) Strange Love

In the beginning, I was not a fan. I liked stuff - Firefly, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings - but the tween who freaked over Bon Jovi and baseball grew up and moved out. I knew about fans; I married a classic Trekkie, who memorizes music cues and can name an episode by its first five seconds, and who first went to Comic-Con in 1972. But I thought, as so many do, that fandom was the domain of man-children with a less than firm grasp on reality. Then I met the Doctor.

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Could You Distinguish Between This Twilight Bad Lip Reading And The Real Film?

It is a gift!

And I say this as someone who has taken enjoyment out of Twilight. But Bad Lip Reading does it again with their version of Eclipse and makes me almost snort liquid out of my nose. Bravo. Do you think you could handle more? The first film and New Moon Bad Lip Reading after the jump. I dare you.

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Marshmallows to Cure What Ails You: Veronica Mars & Fandoms


I was seventeen when I joined my first fandom. It was 1999, and Rent was kind of a big deal. The second National tour was underway - The Benny Cast to be specific. It definitely felt like the highlight of senior year was going to be their stop through Cleveland. Always a loner, I wasn’t just going to see another show with my parents. I was going to rush (I didn’t really know what that meant), I was going with actual friends who had done it before, and there was promise of a “stage door” visit afterwards. Everything was new and exciting. Fandom feels like a completely different beast in 2014. There’s a lingo to it you have to translate until you really go native. Things like fan fiction and LARPing are probably side-eyed fiercely by newcomers until they fall down their Saarlaac pit of a weekend and suddenly look up on Sunday afternoon and wonder what happened to the last 24 hours. Outside the great personal stories from individual fans, every somebody seems to have an opinion - and they’re rarely good - about fandom. 

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Divergent’s Shailene Woodley On Twilight: “What Message Are We Sending To Young People?”

Wise Words

"Twilight, I'm sorry, is about a very unhealthy, toxic relationship. [The protagonist Bella] falls in love with this guy and the second he leaves her, her life is over and she's going to kill herself! What message are we sending to young people? That is not going to help this world evolve." - Divergent star Shailene Woodley speaking to Teen Vogue. Hollywood is all about comparing one thing to another, especially when it comes to young adult properties (does that really ever help?), in order to cash in on the previous success. Whether it's comparing "love stories" or pitting the lead characters against each other, it's nice to see Woodley addressing the issues straight on. (via Gossip Cop) Previously in Women in Film

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Geek Lip Balm for Half a Dozen Fandoms Probably Smells Great

i'll just leave this here

According to Geek Fire Labs, Loki smells of peaches and honey, Katniss of cinnamon and french vanilla, Marceline of strawberries, and your patronus of white chocolate, vanilla, and mint. I don't have problems with any of these, and if you feel the same way, you can buy their charmingly decorated lip balms on Etsy, alone, in a batch, or as a gift set with cute buttons. Previously in Etsy

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Lionsgate Sues Twilight Parody That Sued Them For Having a Twilight Monopoly


Last spring we told you the riveting tale how Behind the Lines Productions, creator of the Twilight parody Twiharderdecided to sue Lionsgate and Summit on the grounds that they're big meanies who unfairly monopolize the Twilight franchise... a franchise they, y'know, own the rights to. Behind the Lines has some gumption, I'll give them that. Except now that gumption's gotten them countersued by Lionsgate, whose 204 page countercomplaint can be basically summed up as "...You guys aren't serious, right?"

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Quentin Tarantino Decides To Axe His Next Film Because The Script Leaked To Hollywood


Director Quentin Tarantino is reportedly so upset over his latest script being leaked, he's just decided not to make the movie at all. Well ok then.

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Female Spy Film Picks Up Melissa Rosenberg For Rewrites

Oh Really?

Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has been hired to help write a spy film featuring a group of women for Summit Entertainment. This is the first we're hearing about it. 

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