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Trump’s Reputation Is So Bad, He’s Even Taking Posthumous Heat From Princess Diana—a True People’s Princess

Everyone loves Princess Di. The same cannot be said for Trump.

Diana, Princess of Wales, smiles as she meets wellwishers outside St Vincent's Hospice in Sydney on November 2, 1996, her last official engagement in Australia. Diana departs Sydney on November 3 after a four-day private visit. / AFP PHOTO / Torsten BLACKWOOD (Photo credit should read TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP via Getty Images)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but Donald Trump is out there saying that everyone loves him. He’s here to prove it by publishing a book of letters they wrote to him. Okay, first off, this is by far the laziest idea for a book, ever. Publishing things other people wrote to you, and making a buck off of it. Stay grifting, always. The book even has a lazy title, Letters to Trump. Every possible thing about this is phoned-in in every way.

So now Trump and his son are trying to promote this book, because what is the point of a cash grab if you can’t make any money off of it. Let’s be honest, the amount of outlets available to them are very limited right now. Of course, Breitbart took their call and decided to run an interview with Senior and Junior. This is where things got interesting, per NY Mag:

“I think [readers are] going to see a very fascinating life. I knew them all—and every one of them kissed my ass, and now I only have half of them kissing my ass,” Trump told Breitbart.

Don Jr. echoed this, telling Breitbart: “My father has lived an amazing life and has been around some of the most interesting people in the world … It’s amazing how quickly their adoration of him changed when he ran for office as a Republican. Letters to Trump shows you exactly how they felt about him and how phony their newfound disdain truly is.”

NY Mag

These idiots cannot help themselves. If you think Princess Diana‘s family is going to keep quiet when her name is specifically being used in promotion of the book, I have a long list of Trump-branded merchandise I’d like to sell you, but I strongly suspect you probably already own a lot of it already.

The only surprise here is that it is her brother, not her son Harry, who came out swinging.

Trump has always had a weird thing for Princess D and has wanted it publicly known that he had a shot with her. He just waited until she was dead in order to make that known. Per the same source:

The mogul “aggressively pursued Princess Diana” after her divorce, according to Christopher Andersen’s biography of King Charles. Diana rebuffed Trump, but that didn’t keep him from claiming on Howard Stern’s radio show shortly after her death that he could have “nailed” her. 

NY Mag

Now, I haven’t seen the book, and I don’t plan on it. But what are the chances that the letter is a form letter and most likely written by her staff with no hint of personalization? Another likely scenario is that he’s edited it after the fact to make it seem more intimate than it is. It’s well established he has a weird thing for her, and her brother has come out to say she loathed him. Remember: she viewed him as worse than an anal fissure. A true people’s princess.

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