the president tells lies in fron of some more lies

Trump Totally Filmed His Latest Propaganda Video in Front of a Green Screen, Right?

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Donald Trump’s absolutely bizarre, dangerous, and reckless behavior since he left Walter Reed medical center hasn’t stopped. The President apparently thinks the best way to prove he’s not dying from COVID is to show himself out and about, ranting like even more of a lunatic than usual while he’s hopped up on steroids.

His latest video contains baseless lies about COVID having a cure (it does not) and the Chinese sending the virus to the US intentionally (they did not) and having to “pay for it” (they will not). But the weirdest lie came not in Trump’s sound and fury signifying nothing, but in the setting he chose to place himself in. Yes, it certainly seems like that sunny White House lawn scene … was a green screen.

The first person I saw call it out was Mike Schur, yes THAT Mike Schur who created Parks and Rec and The Good Place and know a bit about production and special effects.

But others provided proof:

The looping trees and the way Trump looks like a paper doll against a fake background are the main clue this could be fake, but others contest that:

I mean, I personally think they shot him outdoors much closer to the White House in front of the screen, maybe even on a balcony?

The possible use of green screen also raised some big questions…

Yeah, Donald, if you’re okay with fake digital publicity for tweets, why are you so afraid to debate Joe Biden digitally?

But of course, the best part was the jokes, which helped us ignore the utter inanity and insanity of what Trump was actually saying.

We honestly have no idea if this was as fake as Trump’s tan or his “cure” but what we should really be scared by is that the President is ignoring medical advice, endangering his staff and all Americans, and using a massive platform to spread more lies. But I guess it’s not quite 25th amendment time yet?

Wait …


Well. I’m sure tomorrow will be a normal one!

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