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Today in Presidential Embarrassment: Trump Both Infantilizes Native Code Talkers and Insults Elizabeth Warren

I…I just…I can’t even….I mean, taxes…and freaking Puerto Rico…and Nazi sympathizing…and now…I just… *sigh*

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Earlier today, Trump hosted an event honoring Native American code talkers, those brave members of Native American tribes who exchanged sensitive military information for the United States during World War II by transmitting military plans to each other in their native languages on the battlefield, as part of Native American Heritage Month. As reported by CBS, “Since in some cases, their languages were unwritten, they were able to communicate in a way that confused German enemies trying to break U.S. military codes.”

ABC News provides video from the event in the above tweet, during which Trump says some of the most inane things I’ve ever heard come out of a person’s face.

First, he infantilizes the Native American code talkers he’s there to honor by condescending to them about how “special” Native Americans are: “You’re very very special people. You were here long before any of us were here.” Really?! Gee, thanks!

Then, because he is absolutely without class, he follows that up with, “Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas. But you know what. I like you. Because you are special.” He is, of course, referring to Senator Elizabeth Warren, whom he’s previously called Pocahontas in response to her claims of Cherokee ancestry.

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Now while those claims may or may not be true, the woman is a U.S. senator. Have some respect! But Trump wouldn’t know anything about that. Way to take the most politically neutral event that should exist (seriously, no one thinks the code talkers unworthy of respect) and turn it into a moment to take a random, non sequitur pot-shot at someone you don’t like, while condescending to a minority group in the process.

This is our reality, people.

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