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“A Beer Named Brews Wayne. It Was Made In a Vat, Man”: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week

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This week in our roundup of our favorite comments: Puns, puns, and more puns. Stats nerdery. And the continued adventures of Game of Thrones‘ baby Sam, Wildling Rights Activist.

“A beer named Brews Wayne. It was made in a vat, man.”—Kristopher_Smith (You made it, Jimmy! You made it!), you are hereby banned from the Internet. Ashe kept the Batman alcohol puns coming with “I truly hope Brews Wayne has a follow-up called Harley Gin.”

“They should keep her as Brienne. Then hire Daniel Portman to join her. She can hop on his back and go Pod racing.”—flailx‘s comment in response to Star Wars: Episode VII casting Gwendoline Christie is a good suggestion and a pun. We approve.

Drawbak asks, if Game of Thrones wants to reveal some backstory about an important character (spoiler at the link) “that might be too extensive to explain, why don’t they just have somebody explain it naked?” Touché.

“Wait, why is Magneto dressed like Inspector Gadget in that one picture?”—Robert Vary cuts to the core of the Days of Future Past alternate costume designs.

Dark Yagami Fan’s response to the new Hercules trailer that “Hades has been hijacked by Jesus again as the villain” speaks to my inner mythology nerd. Why is Hades always the villain in everything?! He’s literally just the ruler of another realm that happens to be the afterlife. He is not Greek mythology Satan. Do you know how many people Zeus raped and murdered. Do you know?! Ahem. I’m fine.

Our favorite answer to “How I’d want George R.R. Martin to kill (fictional) me came from Facebook commenter Anna-Maria: “GRR Martin classic: gangrene! YAAAY! From an infected toe!”

Catherine’s response to this statistical analysis of female characters in Moffat-era Doctor Who starts with “I know this is going to sound really pompous-nerdy, but data analysis is something I really enjoy…“ Stop right there, Catherine. You had us at hello. Read the whole thing in all its stats nerd glory.

A group of female scientists called “Team Rocket Power” attending the White House Science Fair? “You act like this is a good thing, but obviously a powerful mafia is trying to infiltrate NASA and/or the White House as part of a scheme to kidnap Pikachu.” Janna’s onto you.

“An excerpt from Baby Sam’s untitled Wildling Rights musings: ‘The degenerate hegemony of the Northman only serves to oppress the freedom of the Wildling. My own harrowing experiences at Mole’s town, and the town’s liberation at the hands of my people who showed me mercy; nay, solidarity, reinforces this truth. And yet, is naptime not also oppression?'”—Adrian continues the tale of Baby Sam, Wildling Rights Activist, our favorite Game of Thrones cracky headcanon.

And finally, this FB comment to our Game of Thrones “The Mountain and the Viper” book spoiler thread exemplifies the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”:

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