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Game of Thrones Book Spoiler Open Thread: “The Mountain and the Viper”


Welcome to the book-spoiler-palooza companion post to Kristy’s non-spoiler recap. Let’s go nuts.

  • We knew it was happening.
  • We knew not to get attached.
  • But
  • we
  • got
  • attached.
  • I agree with what Kristy said in her recap about the Missandei/Grey Worm romance—it’s sweet, and I dug it at first, but now it feels kind of pointless. Why do I care how much of Grey Worm’s “pillar and two stones” were cut off? Do you know how little Asha Yara Asha we’ve gotten this season? Do you?!
  • I was worried that they’d punk out on showing the full gruesomeness factor of Oberyn’s death. Earlier in the season he referenced Gregor cutting Elia in half, so maybe they’d have him do that to Oberyn instead? I’m glad they didn’t, though. Shocked and horrified and left a little bit shaky by it, but glad, because that was a damn effective scene. There was some stuff in this episode I thought was a bit dull—the aforementioned Missandei/Grey Worm subplot, a whole scene devoted to Roose naming Ramsay his legitimate heir—but those quiet moments made the eventual end of the episode all the more powerful. Also, I could barely pay attention to anything else in the episode, I was so tense. I just wanted it to happen and be done with it. Like a Band-Aid, right off!
  • How much did you love Tyrion’s little shoutout to patricide (and Jaime’s to cousin-killing considering he killed his distant cousin Alton in season two)? Also, assuming The Thing takes place in episode 10 (which I think is a good bet, considering the episode is called “The Children,” and that’s thematically fitting), Tywin will meet his maker on Father’s Day. <3 <3 <3
  • This might be more appropriate to say in response to next week’s episode, “The Watchers on the Wall,” but I have feelings and I have to get it out: Stannis has really been screwed over by Jon’s storyline getting drawn out, huh? In the books, if I recall correctly, he says he’s going to go to the Wall and then… goes to the wall. In the show he says he’s going to the Wall and then proceeds to take a field trip to Braavos and have awkward family dinners so there’s time for Wall scenes of Sam freaking out over Gilly and Jon endlessly fighting with Alliser Thorne.
  • Lady Anya Waynwood of the Vale. *happy sigh*

Check back this Wednesday for our slideshow of favorite moments from “The Mountain the Viper,” featuring!: Sandor Clegane’s “are you kidding me?” face! Peter Dinklage‘s acting in the beetle monologue! Sansa Stark’s new outfit! Ygritte the baby whisperer! Ellaria’s killer shoulder pads! Alfie Allen playing Theon playing Reek playing Theon! Not Oberyn dying! And more!

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