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Depressing Leak Indicates Titanfall From Respawn’s a Microsoft Exclusive

Console war. Console war never changes.


Word on the Internet’s been that the sci-fi shooter coming down the pipeline from Respawn Entertainment would be an Xbone exclusive, and a recent leak seems to confirm this. Thanks to an early copy of Game Informer‘s July issue, it’s been revealed that the game — Titanfall — isn’t just an Xbone exclusive, but a general Microsoft exclusive. Yikes.

We’re likely to hear a whole lot more about this come next week, given that it’s E3, but none of this is all too surprising. According to information provided from the leaked issue, Respawn decided to focus on just one console for their first game, and so Xbox One it was. Sorry, not sorry, PS4 and Wii U. (It is coming to PC, however.)

Is it possible that Microsoft slipped EA some money for this? Yeah, sure, anything’s possible, and there’s supposedly going to be an Xbox 360 port by someone other than Respawn. That a) doesn’t sound promising and b) means that someone at Microsoft is probably pretty pleased with themselves right now. “This console needs more exclusive shooters,” someone surely said in an Xbox division meeting.

Also of note, the article indicates that a lot of computation will be pushed to the cloud, and that there’s a big multiplayer component to the game. Neither of these things are unexpected, but it’ll be interesting to see exactly how much is “pushed to the cloud” and if that’s just code for “requires an Internet connection at all times.” It certainly sounds a lot like that’s exactly what this means.

You can read all about Titanfall over in the NeoGAF thread where user Cartman86 initially spilled the beans.

(NeoGAF via Kotaku)

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