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Deus Ex: The Fall’s a Mobile Game, Cue Massive Disappointment From Internet

Time for the obligatory "I never asked for this" joke.



Deus Ex: Human Revolution brought back the franchise in a big way when it was first released in 2011, and since then fans have been clamoring for more. Well, you will get more, but unless you enjoy playing complex video games with just your thumbs and pointer fingers, you’re probably in for a lot of disappointment. Deus Ex: The Fall, which was first teased on the Eidos Twitter the other day, is going to be a game for iOS and Android. Even worse, it’s apparently going to be part of a series. Welp.

Just like Human Revolution, the events of The Fall take place in 2027, but involve characters first created for the James Swallow tie-in novel The Icarus Effect, such as former British SAS officer Ben Saxon. Wow, is there a more British name out there than Ben Saxon? I mean, other than Benedict Cumberbatch, of course. But Anything Saxon is pretty high up on that list.

From the announcement video below, it appears that the gameplay is Deus Ex‘s usual blend of story-driven first-person shooter, albeit a bit more… well, “touchy” is the way that Kotaku puts it. In addition to the standard controls, you’ll also have to tap the screen occasionally to interact with the environment around you.

Gamers everywhere are already pretty disappointed with this news, to say the least. Sure, the graphics look good enough for the iPad, but mobile games tend not to be popular as a general rule, and yet Square Enix keeps trying to make them happen. However, those other games Square Enix puts out don’t have a reference to a decline right in the title like this one does. Seriously, who came up with the name The Fall for an unpopular game format? That just seems like you’re asking for blatant criticism.

(via Kotaku, image via Youtube)

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