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Cue Kermit Flail: Tina Fey Might Play the Female (Human) Lead in the Muppets Sequel

it's time to play the music

Sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that Tina Fey is “in late-stage negotiations to star as the female lead” in the sequel to The Muppets. I am OK with this.

We’ve known for a while that one of the major (non-Muppet) characters in the Europe-set caper movie would be a Russian femme fatale-type, and that’s apparently who Fey would be playing. According to THR, her character is “a Russian gulag prison guard,” which sounds kind of harsh for a kid’s movie, so I’m guessing the Muppet version of a gulag won’t be quiiiiite so bad as its real-life counterpart.

It’s already been announced that Ricky Gervais will play one lead, and Ty Burrell is on on the project as well, with Christoph Waltz rumored for a potential cameo (in which he might dance!).

The composition of the human cast of a Muppet movie is always kind of low on my list of concerns; it’s more or less all about the Muppets for me, and no one can beat Tim Curry in Muppet Treasure Island in any case, so why even try? But still, this’ll be pretty cool if it happens. And Fey already has a connection to the Muppets anyway…

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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