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Tila Tequila Thinks She’s the Last Airbender, Tries to Prove It on YouTube

I’ll be honest with you and say upfront that I don’t really know who Tila Tequila is. Based solely off this video though, I’d say she’s someone who tried to get a part in The Last Airbender, but wasn’t cast and hasn’t been taking it well. Over the course of seven and a half minutes, Tequila demonstrates her “ability” to create energy balls, lasers, and even claims to have made a wall-melting wormhole.

My first thought when watching this was that it would be a poorly done special effects demo — like The Last Airbender — but it isn’t. There are no effects. This is just a video of a woman waving her hands and talking about all the bananas things she’s seeing that aren’t really there.

She ends the video by promising a future release where she will teach us all how to make balls of light, and lasers, and wormholes. We somehow doubt it’ll really take a separate video to tell people, “Just wave your hands around and talk about all the bonkers stuff you’re imagining is happening.”

Frankly, if you’re trying to conjure laser balls with your hands I think this video will be a lot more helpful:

(via YouTube)

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