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Hidden Snowman Camera Reveals What It’s Like To Be Eaten By A Tiger [Video]

When the morbidly curious staff at England's Longleat Safari Park wanted to know what it looked like to be eaten by a tiger, they did what any thinking person would do and installed some hidden video cameras inside a pair of snowmen situated near the tigers. Snowmen and tigers being natural enemies, the big cats promptly disemboweled the snowmen -- hey, we said they were enemies, not that it was a fair fight -- and made a valiant effort to feast on their remains, offering a never-before-seen look at what it's like to be mauled by a tiger. Well, never before seen by anyone who walked away from it anyway. OK, fine, maybe Roy.

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Hybrid Liliger, a Lion-Liger, Kiara is Our New Favorite Cat on the Internet

This is Kiara, the world's first Liliger -- her dad is an African lion, and her mom a lion-tiger hybrid, making her 75% lion, 25% tiger, and one trillion percent our favorite thing on the Internet today, due to her little spots on her little head and also her ability to fall down in slow motion and transition the landing right into a snuggle with her foster mom. Oh, and did we mention her foster mom is a house cat? She totally is, which is like a gajillion extra Cute Points, according to my handy scorecard. The news report mentions that hybrids like Kiara here have their critics, but we couldn't find anyone criticizing her specifically, which is good, because it means we don't have to challenge anyone to pistols at dawn. Because seriously, who could have a problem with this? You would have to be a monster.

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Chimpanzee Bottle Feeds Baby Tiger [Video]

Here's 2-year old chimpanzee Do Do bottle feeding 2-month old tiger cub Aorn at the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Thailand. Sometimes the world is perfectly adorable. Presumably this video exists because adorable things need to happen. (Daily Mail via Neatorama)

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Valentine’s Day Alternatives

Not really feeling Valentine's day this year? Well, you're in luck. Today also coincides with the Chinese New Year and the American Presidents' Day, ensuring that no one the US will be able to eat out or get anything done until Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, unless, of course, you made your plans beforehand. I think we can agree that "making plans beforehand" and "feeling apathetic towards a holiday" don't relate well.

Lets take a look at these other options.

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