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Confirmed: ThunderCats Writer’s Disappearance Now Being Investigated as Homicide

Police have confirmed that their investigation into the disappearance of Stephen Perry is now an investigation into his homicide.  Perry was a writer on both ThunderCats and SilverHawks cartoon shows, as well as the comic Timespirits.  He was last seen on May 9th.

The details that have been emerging around the investigation are grisly in the extreme.  On May 16th, Perry’s van was found in the parking lot of a Tampa hotel, a severed arm was found inside.  Police have yet to identify the origin of the arm.

At the same time of Perry’s disappearance, his roommates James “Jimmy” Davis and Roxanne Davis also vanished.  The couple has since been found, arrested on unrelated charges (probation violation, failure to appear, and drug trafficking), and are considered “persons of interest” in the investigation.

Perry had been suffering from bladder cancer for two years and was in dire financial straits, even after help from the Hero Initiative, a nonprofit dedicated to helping comic book creators in emergency situations.  In a promotional video for the Hero Initiative, Perry said, “The Initiative gave me the breathing room to get some Medicaid and food stamps, and while we are always in danger of losing our home, electricity and belongings at any moment, I will always be grateful from the depths of my heart for the past six months of fairly solid home life I have had with my little boy.”

Perry’s five year old son is currently in the custody of his mother, Krystal Carroll, who lived with Perry until a year ago.  If Perry had not gone missing, he might have made a May 13th court hearing “where he wanted to ask a court to make a temporary domestic violence injunction he got in April against [his son’s mother] permanent.”

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