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Thor: Ragnarok VFX Reel Gives the People What They Want: More of Taika Waititi in His Korg Motion-Capture Suit

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The Thor: Ragnarok visual effects (VFX) reel has been making the rounds, and it finally gives the people what they want: more footage of director Taika Waititi in his Korg motion-capture suit. Waititi himself played Korg, the mild-mannered rock-alien revolutionary, and his performance was made possible by a motion capture suit. We first saw the amazing image of him in the suit back at the end of November, when he shared it on Twitter, and now we get to see more of this glorious monstrosity in action.

Marvel Studios’ Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park also posted the clips on his Instagram. “These are really cool examples of just how awesome all the VFX companies Marvel Studios works with really are (Luma, Framestore, ILM, Method Studios),” he wrote. “They’re the (very often) unsung heroes in the business.”

There’s plenty more to like in these videos as well. Judging by this reel (which, admittedly, might not tell the whole story), the Thor: Ragnarok team also used a bunch of practical effects. For example, it looks like they built the entire ship and ramp for Valkyrie’s triumphantly boozy introduction. I guess I’m just such a filthy millennial that I’d assumed a lot of more of these sets were computer-generated than there actually were.

And as always, I’m amazed by both ends of the scene. I’m awed by the fact that the actors can make a workable scene when they’re talking to a wall, or looking at a trap door or a wooden platform instead of a dragon. Simultaneously, I’m amazed at how the visual effects teams transform green screen and lycra body suits into Muspelheim and rock aliens. The art of film is just as cool as it is collaborative, and I love these little glimpses behind-the-scenes.

(Via CBR; image: Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios)

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