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This ‘Wednesday’ Fan Art Celebrates the Best Relationship in the Series

Wednesday glowers while Enid smiles in 'Wednesday.'

Netflix’s hit Addams Family spinoff series Wednesday includes an obligatory teen love triangle, matching Wednesday with Xavier and Tyler. The problem, though, is that neither boy is that interesting. Yes, Xavier is an artist and Tyler is a normie, so we get that they’re supposed to be distinct from each other, but most of the time, they both look and act exactly the same. In terms of relationships, the real meat in the series is the roommate/reluctant BFF dynamic between Wednesday and Enid—and the fan artists of the internet know it.

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Because, seriously, what’s not to love about Wednesday and Enid? Enid is a bubbly werewolf puppy who loves rainbows, and Wednesday is a deadpan goth who’s into autopsies and solitude. Both of them have strained relationships with their mothers, who can’t understand that their daughters need to forge their own paths in life. Enid and Wednesday go through some serious conflict throughout Season 1, mainly because of Wednesday’s refusal to admit what a great friend she has in Enid, and that drama makes their evolving friendship all the more fun to watch.

Here’s some of the best Wednesday/Enid fan art we’ve found!

First off, there are the works that perfectly capture Wednesday and Enid’s clashing yet complementary personalities. Seriously, these two are like if More Than Magic made a line of guillotines.

Then there’s the fan art that draws on the symbolism of that amazing window in their shared room. The gothic rose window starts off completely rainbow-colored, but Wednesday scrapes the rainbow decals off of her half of the window. The window is a strong visual reminder of their different personalities throughout the season.

This next artist hadn’t seen the show yet when they created this piece, but they still managed to capture the frustration that Enid begins to feel throughout the season as Wednesday rebuffs and manipulates her. Newsflash, Wednesday: Enid is awesome, and the snood she made for you is both cute and functional! Get over yourself and make sure you keep her in your life! (As a knitter, I was particularly offended by Wednesday’s rejection of the snood.)

I love the li’l sparkle and grump cloud the artist included over their heads. It’s so cute.

As more viewers finish up Season 1, we’ll no doubt see more great fan art on social media, and I, for one, can’t wait.

(featured image: Netflix)

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