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This ‘Mandalorian’ Fave and Hottie Almost Didn’t Make It Out of Season 2 Alive

A bunch of Mandalorian armor helmets on The Mandalorian.

There’s always a bit of fear when watching a season of Disney+’s The Mandalorian, mainly because we all know that Star Wars loves to kill off characters we know and love to make a point. So, it isn’t surprising to know that season 2 of The Mandalorian almost followed suit.

I’m talking about the newly beloved Axe Woves. We wouldn’t quite have known what we’d be missing if season 2 had played out as planned, but it’s clear now that it would’ve been a huge loss. Played by Simon Kassianides, the character ran with Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) prior to her losing her chance at the Darksaber to Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and then, for most of season 3 of the series, was off doing his own thing. But he could have also been dead, so at least the alternative happened.

Talking on Kristian Harloff’s The Big Thing podcast, Katee Sackhoff revealed that we might not have seen Axe Woves in season 3 if things had gone a different way last season. “Axe, you know, we knew he was supposed to die last year. That was the thing that no one could talk about,” Sackhoff said. “There was this moment where he sacrifices himself in that episode. We shot it. In season 2.” 

So Axe Woves was almost gone? Would that have been the end of him? Potentially, but luckily the show didn’t follow through with the plans and we got to explore more of Axe in season 3 when he showed up and redeemed himself in the eyes of Bo-Katan and became the hero we now know him to be. Because really, without season 3, I don’t think a death of Axe Woves in season 2 would have really mattered at all.

Axe Woves is a hottie

Axe Woves looking like a hottie in the Mandalorian

When we first met Axe Woves, he was with Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves (Sasha Banks) and they all met Din Djarin while he was trying to find answers to Grogu’s past. Instead, Din was confronted with the knowledge that the way of the Children of the Watch might not be the perfect way to be a Mandalorian. Din struggled to comprehend how Bo-Katan and her clan could take off their helmets and live as Mandalorians, and even though we saw what happened in season 3, at the time, it seemed as if Axe Woves, Koska, and Bo-Katan were an unbreakable team.

What ended up happening in season 3 was that Axe Woves wasn’t fully ready to throw his allegiance behind Bo-Katan, and when he finally was, he made sure to be as dedicated as could be about his cause and protecting the way of his people. And it made him into a much more interesting character. Yes, he is a hottie, but it is because he changed from being someone constantly ready to fight others instead of working as a team. Now, he’s dedicated to rebuilding Mandalore and all of this happened because he wasn’t killed off in season 2. And honestly? Thank goodness for that.

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