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Be Part of the Tribe and Follow the Creed of the Mandalore

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) kneels in front of a tiny Grogu in 'The Mandalorian'

The Star Wars universe is full of intricate and complicated lore that is still being written. A prime example of this is the mysterious Mandalorians. Fans first saw Boba Fett with his sweet helmet and jet backpack in the original Star Wars trilogy. In the decades since, Fett and the Mandalorians after him have become fan favorites. Who didn’t fall madly in love with Din Djarin in The Mandalorian? Even though we rarely see his face, his badass reluctant dad energy and Pedro Pascal’s bedroom voice have us all enthralled.

Din Djarin grew up with the Tribe of Mandalorians that lived secretly underground. He follows the Mandalorian way of life and only deviates under extreme circumstances. His catchphrase—”This is the Way”—underscores part of his faith. But why does he say it?

This is the way … to our hearts

The Mandalorians are people who follow a certain way of life. It isn’t like being a Wookiee or an Ewok where they are designated as a separate species. Mandalorians can either be born on the planet Mandalore or adopted into the culture as a foundling, like Din. As part of the Tribe, Din followed an ancient way of life from Mandalore. The Way of the Mandalore is a type of religion or strict code of conduct that followers adhere to.

Following the Way of the Mandalore or the Mandalorian Creed includes protecting fellow Mandalorians, protecting foundlings, and keeping your word to uphold the honor of all Madalorians. Most importantly, a follower of the Way must never take off their helmet in front of another living being. The devout believe upholding these traditions is what keeps the Mandalorians alive. Every time they uphold the Way, the Mandalorian says “This is the Way.” It binds them to their cultural ancestors and preserves their heritage. When people ask Din why he must keep his helmet on at all times or why he stuck with Boba Fett even when they were outnumbered, Din sticks to his beliefs and responds with “This is the Way.”

Some other Mandalorians, like Bo-Katan Kryze, think followers of the Way are more like a cult with their code dictating how they live. Bo-Katan was born on Mandalore and wielded the Darksaber, but freely removes her helmet and does not adhere to the Way. Before meeting her, Din believed all Mandalorians adhered to the Way. The Tribe teaches that Manadalore fell to the Empire because Bo-Katan and others scoffed at tradition and let a curse befall their people.

Din learned that if a Mandalorian broke one of the traditions, they would no longer be considered a true Mandalorian. When Din admitted to removing his helmet in front of another living being (he had to say goodbye to his adopted son!), he became an apostate among the Tribe. Only going into the living waters of Mandalore can restore an apostate’s status as a Mandalorian. This is the Way.

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