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Chris Pratt Continues to Be the Best, Says Internet Comments Are a “Crazy Toilet Bowl”

Present company excluded, of course.


The extreme garbage-osity of most online comment sections has been well documented (heck, scientists have even conducted studies on the Internet’s generally intolerant and terrible users). But there’s something comforting about hearing Star-Lord of Our Hearts Chris Pratt call the comments like he sees them, too. And boy, did he ever.


According to Alan Sepinwall’s blog, at a Television Critics Association farewell press conference for Parks and Rec (sob) over the weekend, Pratt explained why he thinks you should never read the comments:

[…] don’t read f*cking comments of what everyone thinks, because it doesn’t f*cking matter. If you change your vision because of what jackass online thinks, you’re going to f*cking lose your vision.

So screw everybody who reads comments. Don’t read them! It’s just a crazy toilet bowl, and you can get flushed down for as long as you can waste time, but if you don’t read comments, you could be spending time polishing jokes.

The actor then clarified that he was mostly referring to “some d*ckhead in Ohio.”


Considering the level of attention Pratt’s physical transformation for Guardians of the Galaxy received in the press, it’s easy to understand his frustration with Internet trolls. It’s also worth pointing out that, as many of Pratt’s Parks and Rec costars can probably attest, the “crazy toilet bowl” levels tend to actually rise when the subject in question isn’t a straight cis white male.

In conclusion: A lot of the Internet is toilet garbage, so Chris Pratt and anyone else allergic to jerks should probably just come hang out in The Mary Sue comments.


We’re ride or die.

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