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Things We Saw Today: The Totally Spielbergian Painted Poster for Super 8

Things We Saw Today

Drew Struzan, the guy behind the posters for pretty much everything you love, lends his talent and style to Super 8. (The Hollywood Reporter.)

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Susan Schorn brings the Royal Wedding, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and little girls in tutus together in a meditation on gender norms and expression on McSweeney’s.

The very same weekend that Kate and Will got hitched, I found myself 1) watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship title match on pay-per-view at a Bikinis Bar and Grill, and then 2) holding a target and teaching a bunch of six-year-old girls, wearing princess dresses and tiaras, how to “kick like Lucy Liu.”

These sticky notes would in no way make me more productive. (CubicleBot.)

Fans looking for a way to support the character of Oracle can write a letter, as urged and organized by fuckyeahbatgirls and Georgethecat. And if you’ve got art, submit it to tumblr’s Oracle Create-a-Thon.

And speaking of female characters in comics… (Megan Rosalarian Gedris.)

75% of women play games on their phones, compared to 67% of men. (PRNewser.)

According to AfterElton and their exclusive preview of Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller miniseries, it does a fantastic job of “creating a wholly out gay character within the safe, idealized, age-appropriate world of Riverdale.” It also has barfing. More pages at AfterElton.

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