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Things We Saw Today: Everything Is Awful, so Here’s Lin-Manuel Miranda to Save the Day

Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda always has a buoyant social media presence. Recently he’s been at the vanguard of calling attention to Puerto Rico (and raising funds), as well as criticizing Trump’s response to the mounting humanitarian disaster there. Today, an extremely difficult day by many measures in America, Lin has been a great source of reassurance and self-care.

Lin ranged from soothing and inspiring —

— to boosting others’ voices —

— to offering a chance for some escape into happier media for a time.

What did we do to deserve Lin-Manuel Miranda?

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  • There are conflicting reports on Tom Petty: many outlets have reported his death today, but TMZ—which usually has its claws into sources at hospitals—now claims that Petty is “clinging to life,” though the situation is dire and he is not expected to recover. Petty is a class act and the creator of some of our most memorable and singable songs. (via TMZ)

  • Who is Thandie Newton playing in the Han Solo movie? If it’s not a brand-new character, we love the guess that it could be a young Rae Sloane, who becomes a ruthless Imperial leader and a mentor to the future General Armitage Hux. (via Slashfilm)
  • Known rapist Roman Polanski says of his rape case: “It’s over.” O RLY? (via THR)

  • Hillary Clinton, whom a majority of the population voted to be President, took a stand against the NRA today, and pointed out that the carnage from the Las Vegas massacre would have been even worse if the shooter had a silencer, which the GOP and the NRA evil axis want to make much easier to get. (via Freebeacon)
  • We all need some emergency kittens today. Also owls. They’re best friends!!!

So, uh, how was your day, friends?

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