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Things We Saw Today
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These Portal bookends are hopefully only temporarily sold out at the Etsy site for Oberon Woodcraft. Otherwise this just makes that whole cake thing hurt even more. (At Technabob)

The editors at The Gloss, Ashley and Jennifer, have posted a heated debate about which Nintendo princess is better: Princess Toadstool or Zelda.

Ashley: Okay, my understanding is there are many incarnations of Zelda over the course of the Zelda franchise, so she’s versatile, which is cool. She’s also named after F Scott’s emotionally unhinged wife, which is super cool. And her lineage is bestiality free! Unless those pointed ears indicate something darker.

Jennifer: I think it is almost certain that they do. But wasn’t Princess Toadstool an interesting throwback to traditional female roles, while still desperately trying to break free? I mean, Toadstool – and I will call her that because I think this whole “Princess Peach” business is just a shameful attempt to cover up her heritage – looked exactly like a traditionally helpless princess. But she was in the process of developing new powers and asserting some sort of independence. She couldn’t breath fire, but she was finding out what powers she did have. Elegant high kicks, for instance. Slapping people while wearing opera gloves. And in that way she was a metaphor for the late 80s. Zelda is a fantasy. Princess Toadstool is so many women during that period.

A very Happy Blogaversary to DC Women Kicking Ass! Thanks for one year of excellent DC Comics imagery and here’s to many more!

A (super cute) action figure by Quantum Mechanix for Penny Maquette from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog! (At Geek Girl Diva)

Personalized Star Wars aprons will make even your most simple dishes “most impressive.” It comes in kids’ and adult sizes. (At That’s Nerdalicious!)


A 2004 survey found that 20 percent of women were not satisfied with the contraceptive method they were using. On average, women try four different types of contraception during their lifetime. Studies continue to show that even low-dose hormonal contraception exacerbates depression and decreases libido. And last year, a study in the Journal of Family Practice found that only 57 percent of women on the Pill were happy with it …

The basic science behind most contraception remains virtually unchanged since the 1950s …


Mattel has introduced its new series, “Art Barbie,” which has placed Barbie in fashions inspired by classical artists including Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Gustav Klimt. (At The Hairpin)

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