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Things We Saw Today: Watch a Pikachu Get Dragged Off By Secret Government Agents (Sort Of)

I’ve never seen a Pikachu in this intense of a situation before, and I’ve seen them fight Onix! But here we have a Pikachu dancer whose costume begins to deflate and…well…I mean, I feel like this response is just a leeeetle bit overblown, wouldn’t you say?

  • Pierre Morel, the director of Taken, is on board to direct a “John Wick-style,” female-led action film called Peppermint, in which a young mother “seeks revenge on the people who took her life from her.” (via Geek Tyrant)
  • Beware, Tennessee! Darth Vader totally lives all up in you! Or, rather, a dude named after him. No, seriously. His dad was a huge nerd. (via CNN)

Listen, John Boyega just can’t help being awesome, okay? That’s like asking water not to be wet.

  • So, all that complaining about Stephen Colbert gave The Late Show With Stephen Colbert its best ratings ever. Thanks, haters! (via Uproxx)
  • Satanists are putting up the first Satanic public monument in the U.S. as a Veterans’ Memorial in the small Minnesota city of Belle Plaine. Right next to a Christian Veterans’ Memorial in a “free speech zone.” (via Mic)
  • Lastly, get ready to feel old AF as you watch Hanson promoting their upcoming tour by singing the song that started it all…25 years ago. You know the one. Now, excuse me while I go grab my walker. (via Mediaite)


Well, that’s it from all of us here at TMS for this week. We made it! Whew! Have a great weekend, everyone. Be kind to each other, and all that jazz.

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