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The Trump Administration Is Making Life Worse for Women and LGBTQ Folks at Home and Across the World

The Trump administration is rolling back sexual health and reproductive healthcare for rape victims via a U.N. resolution while hurting trans folks back home.

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Nintendo Bans Trans Flag From Smash Bros.’ Stage Builder, Calling It a “Political Statement”

Transgender people's existence is not political.

Nintendo's latest update of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate includes a stage builder, allowing players to build and share their own creations. In addition to lewd and hateful content, moderators also reportedly deleted a stage featuring a transgender flag.

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It Sure Took Long Enough for Caitlyn Jenner to Admit Supporting Donald Trump Was a Mistake


Caitlyn Jenner, in an op-ed for The Washington Post, admitted that she was wrong in thinking that Donald Trump would help trans people and the LGBTQ community.

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Philip Pullman Wants to Know Which Side of the “Trans Argument” He Should Be On

Philip Pullman—an Oxford-educated writer hailed as a humanist and praised as a literary luminary—actually typed out the following sentence in regards to trans people: "If someone could tell me which side I should be on, it would save a lot of worry."

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Michigan Court Ruled Against Planet Fitness’ Policy of Respecting Trans Members’ Gender Identity

So long, "judgment-free zone."

Back in 2015, a woman named Yvette Cormier lost her membership to Planet Fitness after she reportedly spearheaded an anti-transgender campaign. Cormier complained to the front desk attendee at her gym that there was a transgender woman, whom she referred to as a "man," in the women's locker room. Planet Fitness took her feedback but also, as they pride themselves on being a "judgement-free zone," allows guests to use the facilities of "their sincere, self-reported gender identity."

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The State Department is Revoking Trans Womens’ Passports as We March Ever Closer to The Handmaid’s Tale

This administration's assault on trans people continues.

The full scale assault on transgender rights from the Trump administration has spread to the State Department, which is retroactively revoking the passports of trans women. Trans activist Danni Askini, who transitioned as a minor, held a passport with her confirmed gender identity for 20 years, until a routine passport renewal was flagged by the State Department.

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New Federal Rule Would Protect Transphobe and Anti-Choice Doctors Who Want to Deny Patients Care

According to a recent report in Politico, the Trump administration is getting ready to "overhaul the HHS civil rights office" in order to offer stronger protections for healthcare workers who don't want to perform abortions, help transgender patients to transition, or offer other services they're morally or religiously opposed to.

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Things We Saw Today: Guillermo del Toro Made Sure the Fishman Had a Sexy Butt

The Shape of Water was one of my favorite films this year. I find that all of del Toro's movies have a fun sense of style and character. You can tell he carefully crafts his creatures to look realistic and not just like any other generic monster design. Well, apparently that attention to detail also includes...butts.

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Things We Saw Today: Why Yes, Gal Gadot IS Just Like Wonder Woman In Real Life

Gal Gadot is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and we are very excited.

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Trump Hit With Lawsuits for His Terrible, Unconstitutional Transgender Military Ban

Lawsuits from the ACLU and Lambda Legal expose the ban for what it is—a bigoted attack on human rights with no basis in research, science, or logic.

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Things We Saw Today: It’s Women’s Equality Day in the U.S.!

Today is Women's Equality Day in the United States, celebrated every year on August 26 to commemorate the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920.

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Trump’s Ban on Transgender Military Recruits Is As Cruel and Stupid As Promised

Trump has signed his promised ban on trans people serving in the military. It bans openly trans people from enlisting, and it bars the military from funding gender-reassignment surgeries.

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Laverne Cox and Molly Crabapple Celebrate the Powerful History of Trans Resistance

In this "Time Marches Forward" video, Laverne Cox stirringly narrates the history of transgender resistance over Molly Crabapple's moving artwork.

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Meet the Thai Trans Woman Who’s Breaking Barriers and Kicking Ass in Muay Thai

Nong Rose Baan Charoensuk is the first trans woman to compete at the storied Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

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The “Civil Rights Uniformity Act” Is Trying to Write Trans People Out of Civil Rights Protections

This House bill wants to forbid the federal government from protecting trans folks under existing civil rights laws like Title IX, the Fair Housing Act, and the Affordable Care Act.

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Lilly Wachowski Painted Portraits of the 27 Trans People Murdered in 2016

Today, the Chicago's Center on Halsted opens a special exhibit by filmmaker Lilly Wachowski titled "Say Our Names" which will run through July 11.

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Liberals and Conservatives Uniting Against Trans Activism Isn’t a Rarity—It’s a Tragedy

Finding unity in hatred and dehumanization shouldn't be celebrated, and it sure as hell shouldn't be offered a platform anywhere.

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Here’s What 101 Transgender Americans Need the Supreme Court to Know About Gavin Grimm’s Case

In the case of G.G. V. Gloucester County School Board, 101 transgender Americans filed an amicus brief to support the rights of transgender student Gavin Grimm to use the bathroom that aligns with his gender identity.

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