Things We Saw Today: Luke and Han Are the Hosts With the Most(s)

Things We Saw Today
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Luke: Han wants to do a souffle … I don’t trust him.
Han: I can do a damn souffle. Trust me.

But speaking of guests, we’ll just round out our day with a reminder of our intern search. We can’t guarantee that you’ll see Han and Luke in our kitchen making snacks, but you’ll sure get to imagine it out loud! (at Ginger Haze)

If this seems like a lot of zombies to be on one roller coaster, it’s not just you: This weekend, at Dorney Park in Allentown, PA, a record was set for the “most costumed riders on a theme park ride.” We did it, you guys! (at Fashionably Geek)

Here’s an interesting relic: The Black Cat and her young male sidekick, Black Kitten. Who is not at all a ripoff of Robin in any way at all … except in almost every single way. (at Scans Daily)

Gender in the gamimg industry wasn’t exactly on the agenda for Australia’s Freeplay conference, but that didn’t stop it from coming up. Gamasutra has the full account.

Rita Lakin was a rarity in the 1960s — a female writer on the set of popular TV shows. Here is a conversation that she actually had to have with producers:

Producer one: Before those women arrive, we need your advice.
Murmurs of agreement.
Me: About what?
Prod Two: (pause) About the women. How do we treat them?
Me: Treat them? What are you talking about?
Prod three: Well, they’re women. They’re different.
Me: And what am I, chopped liver?
Prod one: You…you’re a writer…
Me: Yes. Thank you. And you treat me like a writer.
Prod three: You’re like one of the guys…
Me: (sarcastic) Oh, really? Thanks a lot.
Prod one: You know what we mean. Your writing is great. You do the job without complaints. You’re a professional.
Prod two: We trust you.
Me: And the women coming in are professionals, too, so treat them as you treat me.

Read her guest post at Women in Hollywood on IndieWire.

For future reference: If you can get DC artist Jim Lee to draw you some custom art as part of your plan to pop the question, it will work 100% of the time. That’s what happened when Attack of the Show‘s Blair Herter asked Jessica Chobot (IGN) to marry him. Congratulations! (at DC Women Kicking Ass)

And finally, when Daffy Duck only approaches other dudes to go on a romantic dinner that he just won in a contest, does this mean he’s gay? Or just happy with his bromance with Porky? After Elton thinks he’s coming out of the closet, but we’ll leave this open for interpretation. However, Bugs acting all heteronormative and telling Daffy he has to ask a lady? Coming from a dude who’s in drag as much as he is? Pssssssssht …

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