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Things We Saw Today: Lin-Manuel Miranda Honors Grandfather With Commemorative Plaza in Puerto Rico

Shut up. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Lin-Manuel Miranda took to Twitter today to proclaim #YoSoyVegaAlta (I Am Vega Alta), which is the town in Puerto Rico where his family is from. Here’s what he tweeted in full (though you should really check out the Twitter thread above for the pics!):

“To summarize for our English speakers who may have missed yesterday’s details…We opened a plaza in Vega Alta [PR] yesterday. It’s named after my Abuelo Guisin, who was the George Bailey of Vega Alta. It’s got kiosks and museum of my stuff (awards & pics n stuff). Tourists visiting PR–it’s our hope that on your trip, you come to our placita in Vega Alta and take a pic. Spend locally. Y si vives en [PR]…bienvenidos a su casa. Ven y visítanos In Vega Alta. #YoSoyVegaAlta” [And if you live in Puerto Rico, Welcome home. Come and visit us in Vega Alta.]

It’s a wonderful life that I’ve known! Merry Christmas y’old Building and Loan, I’m home! 

  • Please note: black women are not responsible for saving you or leading the revolution. Pick up your own damn slack. K, thanks. (via The Nib)
  • Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Death Note) is having an amazing year! But he sure does give some weird-ass interviews… (via GQ)
  • Don’t ask people “where are you really from?” No, seriously. Just don’t do it. Stop. It’s annoying and alienating. Just don’t. (via CNN)

Check out Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things as he stars in the latest video from Darren Criss’ band Computer Games. The song is called “Lost Boys Life.” (via Darren Criss on YouTube)

  • According to io9, the upcoming Captain Phasma novel reveals a “Mad Max-ian Origin Story.”
  • Aaaand the Worst Principal of the Year award goes to Heather Taylor, a principal in South Carolina who told her school’s girls that they can’t wear leggings unless they’re between sizes 0-2, because “even though you’re not fat, you look fat.” I’ll tell you where to shove those leggings, lady. (via Scary Mommy)

Have fun sailing into the weekend, friends!

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