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Things We Saw Today: The Cast of the Animated Justice League Reunited for a Fun Live Read!

The cast of Justice League (the animated one, not the upcoming movie we’re not entirely looking forward to) got together at Denver Comic Con to do a live read of the show’s three-part series finale. It’s a whole lot of fun and Kevin Conroy even slips in a little musical surprise. (via i09)

Wonder Woman isn’t just for women! This man’s Diana cosplay is a thing of beauty. (via Fashionably Geek)

Hillary Clinton got a standing ovation at a Broadway theater this weekend. Nothing but respect for my President. (via Uproxx)

What would life be like if it were a video game? Pretty boring and terrible, probably. (via Nerdist)

Have you seen Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver yet? If so, you’re gonna want to check out this music video he made 10 years ago that’s basically a mini-inspiration precursor, starring The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding. Actually, you should probably watch it no matter what. (via The Wrap)

This is devastating. YouTube star and mental health advocate Stevie Ryan has died from suicide. (via Teen Vogue)

Here’s a timely question: How do fireworks actually work? (via Mental Floss)

What did you see out there on this beautiful Independence Day/regular Tuesday?

(image: Cartoon Network/Warner Bros.)

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