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Things We Saw Today: Hozier Speaks on Crafting ‘Blood Upon the Snow’ for ‘God of War Ragnarök’

Hozier and Bear McCreary came together for God of War Ragnarök to craft a song that would express, as McCreary put it, words that the lead Kratos would not express himself.

Speaking together, the creative teams explain the themes of a bear and a wolf. One a solitary hunter. Another who seeks a pack. This dyamic is an animalistic representation of the temperaments between Kratos and his son as they walk through this emotional journey of the game together.

Hozier got help from the game’s director Eric Williams, who talked him through the character arcs of Kratos and Atreus because he wouldn’t get a chance to play it. “Eric sort of talked me through the arc of the two main characters, Atreus and Kratos, their relationship and how that grows, how that erodes, and how that’s challenged, the push and pull of that.”

“It was trying to get that balance right between it being not too elegiac, not too much of an elegy, not too sweet, not too lullaby-esque, not too outrageously doom and gloom, and not too absolutely metal,” the Irish singer added.

How do you think it came together now that the game is out?

(featured image: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

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