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Things We Saw Today: Blizzard Offers In Game Kittens in Hurricane Relief Promotion

Things We Saw Today

Shortly after Blizzard took the plunge and began offering exclusive in-game pets to World of Warcraft players for real money they started offering them to benefit charity. The Cinder Kitten above goes for $10, and all of those dollars will go to the Red Cross’ Sandy efforts. (Wow Insider)

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We thought we were tired of Star Wars/Disney mashups, but then Comic Book Resources did one of their The Line it is Drawns about it.

  • Maggie Koerth-Baker of Boing Boing reviews a new edition of Double Helix, the book that shed light on the poor management, miscommunication, and sexism at the heart of Rosalind Franklin going uncredited in the discovery of the structure of DNA, and interviews James Watson himself about it. A must read.
  • DC’s highest numbered comic since the New 52, Hellblazer, which has been publishing without interruption since 1988, will end after 300 issues. Fans worry (rightfully, in the opinion of this writer) that the replacement series Constantine will, by mere fact of being set within the New 52, will be unable to capture the dark, isolated, and above all not super tone of the seminal ’80s horror comic. Writers and artists in the industry are similarly disappointed. (Newsarama)

The White City, now a white wedding cake. (When Geeks Wed)

Inspired by the interim subway maps published by the MTA after Hurricane Sandy, here’s what they might have looked like in 1933, after a rampaging King Kong damaged Midtown. (Laughing Squid)

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